Litigation is a great Investment

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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is Trial Funder?

    Trial Funder is an online marketplace for investors to invest in litigation. Investors can review pre-screened cases, invest their money and sign legal documents conveniently and securely online. Investors can track their investments 24/7 through an investor dashboard. Learn more here.

  2. What is the process?

    Plaintiffs or attorneys submit cases to Trial Funder for review, which are then reviewed and vetted through an underwriting process. The best cases are selected for our media team to package and post on the platform for funding. Funded cases are then monitored and once a case is resolved, distributions are made to investors, the plaintiff and litigation counsel.

  3. How does Trial Funder select cases?

    The cases that are offered to Trial Funder are first pre-screened and are vetted through a thorough underwriting process. Of these vetted cases, the best are selected and a more thorough due diligence process is performed. If a case satisfies the underwriting and due diligence requirements then it is listed on the platform for investment.

  4. Why use Trial Funder?

    Investors for the first time in history can invest in litigation, which can yield higher rates of return in shorter turn-around times as compared to traditional investment classes. Plaintiffs get the benefit of non-recourse financial backing to support the prosecution of their case or to fund their living expenses. Attorneys can lower their financial risk of loss, engage more aggressively in litigation and have improved bargaining position to resolve the case.

  5. What kind of cases are offered for investment?

    Trial Funder offers investment in plaintiffs’ contingency litigation, from diverse areas including, personal injury, labor and employment, entertainment, intellectual property and business litigation, to name a few

  6. What do I own, when I invest on Trial Funder?

    When you invest in an equity opportunity with Trial Funder, you are purchasing shares of an LLC (the "Fund Entity") as a limited member. That LLC is a single purpose LLC entity created for the sole purpose of entering into and facilitating the financing transaction with the plaintiff and attorney involved in the applicable lawsuit.

  7. Does Trial Funder interfere in the litigation?

    No. Trial Funder does not interfere in the attorney’s prosecution of the case.

  8. Are these investments risky?

    Yes. An investment in litigation is subject to risk. No outcome in a litigation is guaranteed and an adverse outcome can result in a loss of the entire investment.

  9. Once the campaign is fully funded, will the entire amount of the investment be paid directly to the plaintiff or the attorney?

    It depends. In the case of Direct Plaintiff Funding, because the Fund pre-funds the investment in the plaintiff's litigation prior to offering the investment opportunity to investors on the Trial Funder platform, the proceeds of the investment will be disbursed to the Funder manager to repay its initial capital contribution that makes the pre-funding possible. In the case of Litigation Cost Funding, once the campaign funding goal has been met the investment proceeds will be transferred to an account managed by the Fund. The Fund will then make monthly disbursements to the attorney prosecuting the lawsuit to pay or reimburse the attorney for approved costs of litigation.

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How do I know if I am eligible to raise funds through this platform?

    If you are the plaintiff in a lawsuit you may be eligible to raise funds through this platform. Submit your information here. We will review the information you have provided and if we determine that your claim fits within our standards, a representative will contact you.

  2. Why should I use this platform to raise funds as opposed to other sources?

    While this platform offers the same financial flexibility of traditional lawsuit funding companies, the terms of funding through this platform should generally be much more favorable than traditional lawsuit funding companies. So, while you also get financial flexibility, which will allow your attorney to earn his pay by seeking the highest possible settlement, you won’t feel like you have been injured again when you settle your claim and it’s time to repay your investors.

  3. Do I have to pay back the funds raised through this platform if I lose my lawsuit?

    No. If you lose your lawsuit, you will not be required to pay back any funds raised through this platform.

  4. Is this a loan?

    No. The funds raised will be an equity investment by our investors into an entity that will hold an interest in the proceeds of your lawsuit. The investment will not constitute a loan or extension of credit of any kind. Since, this transaction will not be a loan or an extension of credit, nothing will appear on your credit report.

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Are the funds used to cover my costs or attorney fees?

    Both. Trial Funder investments can be used to either pay for hard costs or actual fees incurred by your firm. This way you can paid with waiting for a contingency outcome. The best part is that it is non-course. If you do not prevail, you do not have to pay the funds back.

  2. Are there any other benefits?

    Yes, in addition to the funds Trial Funder funded cases enjoy the benefits of the listing service. The basic details of the case (name of parties, jurisdiction and procedural history) are listed on our website, promoting the work of the law firm and creating more clients.

  3. What do I do if I am an attorney with a case?

    You can confidentially submit your case for immediate review.