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Our first diversified fund SOLD OUT in less than 1 hour. Another offering is coming soon. Users that create a free account and go through the accreditation process (which takes only a few minutes) get early access. To learn more click the button below.

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Superior Returns

Trial Funder Investments outperform traditional investment classes

Trial Funder Investments outperform traditional investment classes
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Our reliable process

We underwrite every investment

Our experienced team of attorneys performs comprehensive due diligence on each Trial Funder investment. Hundreds of lawsuits are submitted to Trial Funder, and fewer than 1% are approved. We believe in the quality of each investment. Most importantly, we only get paid if you make a profit.

We underwrite every investment


3 Easy Steps for Investors

Create a Free Account

Step 1 Sign up for free then browse the marketplace and learn more about specific investments. There is detailed information regarding each investment opportunity.

Get Accredited

Step 2 Verify your status as an accredited investor securely, and at no cost through our proprietary technology. The process takes less than 5 minutes for most investors. To learn more click here or watch this video.

Pay and Sign

Step 3 Once you have selected an investment opportunity then you securely sign legal documents and submit funds all online.


3 Easy Steps for Plaintiffs

Contacts Us

Step 1 Submit your name and contact information below, call us at (213)275-1269 or email A Trial Funder representative will then quickly contact you.

Case Approval

Step 2 Our professionals will review and value your case. We will let you know immediately when your case has been accepted.

Immediate Funding

Step 3 If you are raising money for living expenses, and we approve your case, we can fund you within 24 Hours, and we will then sell the investment online to investors. If you are raising money for legal costs, we will raise the funds online and through our investor network.

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